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Turning Point

Turning Point Clinic was created because the City of Baltimore desperately needed more substance abuse treatment capacity. Before Turning Point, there was no methadone clinic in East Baltimore, except for a small program run by Johns Hopkins.

Branded as “The heroin capital of America” by the national media, Baltimore was reported as having an estimated 60,000 heroin addicts. It was high time, then, for someone to bring more help, hope and healing to the addicts, the Community, the Family and the Taxpayer.

Harford Center

The mission of The Harford Center is to provide individualized service to Harford County, adults with intellectual disabilities by utilizing programs that facilitate personal growth and development for each individual and treating them with dignity and respect.

New Life Food Pantry

Our food programs are managed by the New Life Evangelical Baptist Church which has served the community for over twenty years. Rev. Milton Williams, founder of the Church, has made it his mission to serve those in poverty and help them find, through faith, the strength to chart a new path for their future. The epidemic of opioid addiction in Baltimore led Reverend Williams to the founding in 2003 of the Turning Point Clinic to serve the growing number of those suffering from this debilitating condition and to help stabilize and contain violence in the larger community. Turning Point provides medication assisted treatment combined with counseling and other supportive services. The New Life Food Pantry is a part of this holistic approach that emphasizes treatment of the entire person, not just the addiction. Our meals help to stabilize the individual and enable them to participate more fully in the counseling, mental health and other services of an individualized treatment program.

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