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Striking out on your own or always been a lone wolf?

We’re versed in all the coverage options available to you as an individual and we’ll help you understand all the features and details of any plans you’re comparing so you can make informed decisions.

You may even have special circumstances like:

  • You’re turning 26 and buying insurance for the first time
  • You left a previous employer and have an offer of continuation of coverage such as COBRA. 
  • You qualify for a program like Medicare or Medicaid
  • You have coverage available through a spouse/domestic partner

We will help you compare your options and choose the best plan to meet your needs, even if you don’t buy coverage through us.


Congratulations, you’re an employer! 

Let’s look at your compliance considerations and whether offering benefits is in your best interests. 

  • As a small employer you’re not required to offer benefits.  Still, there may be some advantages to doing so and we specialize in getting creative with even the most modest budget to deliver plans with real value.
  • Depending on your situation, offering group coverage may not be the best move right now.  It could prevent your employees from qualifying for individual subsidies and result in you taking on unnecessary costs. 
  • If you don’t offer benefits, we will still help your employees explore their options for individual coverage with our advocacy option.  We’ll even provide you with a convenient portal your employees can access with one click to schedule their help sessions, chat with us, send us secure messages and documents and even browse rates and apply for subsidies.  Give us a call for a demo!


The closer you get to 50 employees, the more we need to take a careful look at how you are counting your full-time or equivalents. 

Let’s be sure of your requirements to help you avoid stiff penalties for non-complianceBe aware that the way you count your employees may differ from how they’re counted by the federal government from a regulatory standpoint. 

As you continue to grow, we’ll look at any changes to your organization, your goals and the demographics of your group to let you know when offering benefits might be advantageous and all the options available to you.

If you aren’t ready to offer benefits, we’ll continue to help your employees and their families on an individual basis.  If you haven’t yet seen a demo of how we deliver our advocacy services, be sure to schedule a call.  

One of the perks of us helping your employees with individual coverage is that if/when the time comes that you offer group coverage, we will be armed with the information we need to make strategic use of your budget to create a benefit plan that meets the needs of your group. 


At this stage you are now legally required to offer your employees access to coverage under a group plan. But that’s not all, legislation has become so complex that even that office contest is subject to regulation!  We’re here to answer all your questions, provide you with solutions and alleviate your stress.

When it comes to choosing the benefits you offer, you have many considerations including how much to contribute, what lines of coverage you offer, how to effectively roll the plan out to your employees, how to manage your plan and how to ensure your employees have the advocacy they need to make decisions and see the most from their plan.  Let’s face it, this is money out of their paycheck.  It’s important that their benefits be easy to access, meet their needs and provide tangible value to them as part of their compensation. 

Benefit design is where we shine. We’ll deliver plans highly customized to meet the needs of your group. You don’t have to settle for affordable plans lacking in coverage, nor do you have to overspend on features to provide your employees with a comprehensive benefit experience.  Our consultative approach and expert product knowledge allow us to meet your goals through strategic use of your budget.

You might want to consider outside partners and resources to help you with information management, employee communication and the looming issue of compliance.  We have expert alliances in these arenas.

We believe in an integrated approach to benefits management.  We won’t just leave you with hotlines or apps.  You’ll be dealing with us directly in our office, and any technology platforms or partnerships will be integrated to avoid communication gaps and compliance risks

If we’re meeting you at this stage of your business and you’d simply like an expert consult, give us a call.  You don’t have to buy insurance through us to get our help.  We’ll be happy to analyze any plan you already have in place (or are considering) to be sure it’s the best use of your money and the best way to meet your goals.