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Individual Advocacy and Assistance

Arrow knows buying insurance outside of an employer setting can feel overwhelming.  There are many lines of coverage to consider, many carriers to choose from and it can be hard to know if you’re comparing apples to apples when making decisions. We believe everyone should have access to expert help.  

Schedule an appointment and we will:

Consult on your current situation to let you know about all your options and help you determine what kind of coverage is best for your needs, lifestyle and peace of mind.

Explain how the various plan features and details work. Network access, deductibles, copays, out-of-pocket maximums…do you know when these things come into play and how they impact your costs? We’ll be sure you understand the details of any plans you’re comparing!

Review any changes made by the carriers to your current plan and show you how they might impact your costs when you receive care, pick up prescriptions or use other features of your plan.

Help determine your eligibility for subsidies to assist with all or part of your costs (the rules have changed!).

Help you reduce your out-of-pocket costs and find solutions for those struggling with large medical expenses. While your regular insurance plan features an “out-of-pocket maximum” the money you spend on copays, coinsurance and deductibles can still become a hardship. We’ll show you some solutions that provide cash payouts you can use to offset those costs (or spend way you would like) and explore solutions for those struggling with large medical expenses.

Help you be prepared with the paperwork needed by carriers to ensure a smooth application and approval process.

Be sure to meet with us:

If you currently have coverage through the Maryland Health Connection

New subsidies and changes in eligibility requirements could mean other opportunities for cost savings may be available to you.  Schedule your appointment so we can make sure you don’t miss any opportunities to reduce your healthcare costs!

If you currently have individual coverage NOT purchased through the Maryland Health Connection

Perhaps you don’t qualify for a subsidy or don’t want to use the Maryland Health Connection, but still want individual coverage and need help navigating your options.  If you didn’t qualify for subsidies last year, let us “redetermine” your eligibility this year.  The only way to find out is to input your information and we’d be glad to help!

If you have special circumstances or multiple options to consider, such as:

  • You are turning 26, will no longer be covered under a parent’s plan and this is your first year buying your own coverage
  • You are now eligible for Medicare but still have coverage available through a spouse or employer
  • You are between jobs and have an offer of “continuation of coverage” (such as COBRA) through your previous employer or you need individual coverage until you find a job that offers benefits

Don’t wait! Some of your plan options are time-sensitive so it’s important to act quickly to avoid missing the deadlines for those options and risking a lapse in coverage. Give yourself plenty of time to meet with us so we can help you make the best, most informed decisions.  

Whatever your situation we are glad to help! 

Open enrollment is November 15-December 15 to have coverage effective January 1st. If you miss open enrollment, you will need to wait until next year’s open enrollment to enroll or make changes unless you experience a “qualifying life event.”