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We understand benefits can feel overwhelming, we’ll walk you through every step of the way.


Consultation and Plan Design

We’ll have an initial consultation to learn about your company, your budget and what kind of coverage is important to your employees. This informs our plan design and allows us to do our best work making most prudent use of your benefit dollars with the best products and strategies to meet your goals. If you have not yet had an initial consultation with us, you may schedule a call here.


Deciding on your plan

We’ll have a second meeting with you to show you proposals with all your plan options. We’ll also establish what you plan to contribute to your employees’ premiums. At this stage you will also finalize your contracts. Then, we’ll start planning for a smooth and successful rollout including employee enrollment and important communication channels.


Implementation of your new benefits

Enrollment can feel overwhelming but we’re here to assist with this process. We’ll build an enrollment website for your employees along with a presentation and/or video showing them how to use it. We’ll announce the opening and closing of the enrollment period and ensure accurate transmission of everyone’s information to the carriers.


Reconciliation and making sure things are going smoothly

At this point you’ll have one last opportunity to submit any outstanding enrollments, you’ll begin verifying payroll deductions and your access to billing and forms. We’ll also ensure that you’re able to access all the vendors and other resources available to make benefit administration easier. We’ll follow-up with you regarding enrollment, billing, compliance and continue to be on-hand to you and your employees for any questions you may have.


See how easy we’ve made the process with our Benefit Planner

1)    Download the planner, enter your desired effective date to generate your timeline and save it to your PC. This serves as your step-by-step guide and checklist for everything between now and when your employees have insurance cards in hand. It contains all your important deadlines, links to any documents you’ll need to complete, a secure upload page, and our handy appointment scheduler for any time you’ll need to meet with us (usually virtually or by phone). It’s the same timeline we’ll be following on our end and keeps us both informed and engaged!

2)    If you have already scheduled your first meeting with us, great!  If not, go ahead and schedule it now using the link in your planner.

How we’ll meet your goals using your desired budget

Getting to know you and your group is key.  In addition to meeting with you,  we’ll gather some demographic information that lets us know what products you qualify for, ensures accurate quotes and informs our design strategy.  Having this information prior to your first meeting isn’t required but would allow us to prepare and provide you with the most valuable consultation.  For your convenience we’ve included a Census template and secure upload link in your planner.  You may also just upload any reporting you already have that contains up-to-date information. 

Recommended: Get the most from your first meeting by uploading your Census information now.