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Arrow's Role as your broker

Arrow's role as your broker

A good broker wears many hats in the service of their clients and goes well beyond just providing rates and getting everyone enrolled. Arrow provides expert needs analysis along with product knowledge to help you design, manage and make the most of your benefits as well as answer questions and eliminate confusion in what is becoming an increasingly complex arena.

Arrow's expert services

Needs analysis:  getting to know your business and learning what’s most important to your group.
Strategic benefit design: leveraging our product knowledge and insurance expertise to meet those needs.
Cost containment: respecting and working within your budget with proven strategies to create plans that make your employees happy and improve your bottom line.
Accessible, hands-on service: no more call centers or sitting on hold with providers, just call us directly to let us handle any issues.
HR Resources: take advantage of our alliances with trusted partners and platforms designed to make HR easier.
Information Integration:  let us show you some solutions that can really alleviate employer stress!
Employee Communication: goes hand in hand with compliance and we can assist with streamlining this process. Are your employees getting the information they need, when they need it?
Advocacy: great benefits are only as valuable as the ability to access and make the most of them. Arrow’s expertise makes us a valuable advocate when the need arises.
Compliance: we’ll educate you about all the liabilities you face as an employer. Did you know that everything you do is subject to regulation/legislation and falls under ERISA, even that office contest! We bring to the table trusted partners in the compliance arena to help you manage this critical component of your business. Are you doing everything you can to protect yourself?
Strategic renewal: when it’s time to renew we’ll make sure we know about any important changes to your organization that may affect what products are available to you, make sure your most current needs are being met and that you’re still making the most prudent use of your benefit dollars. If you like your plan you can keep your plan, but we’ll alert you to even the most minor changes (made by carriers) that can affect your employees. This review and opportunity for a strategic re-design is part of our standard service to all our clients.

Benefit design is where we shine

Benefits can account for 30% or more of total employee compensation and play a significant role when job candidates make their decisions. How employees feel about their benefits contributes to retention, morale and productivity, all of which can impact your bottom line. That’s why we’re focused on designing benefits that meet the needs of your group, attract the kind of talent you want and deliver the many tangible benefits to your organization of having happier, more productive employees. 

A good broker should be able to:

Provide accurate, competitive quotes
Help employees determine what coverage they need
Design plans that meet the needs of your group
Respect AND maximize your budget to ensure everyone gets the most for their money

Only a broker who understands your goals, has expert product knowledge and an understanding of how insurance features work together to mitigate costs can accomplish all this.  This is our specialty, we’ll just need some key pieces of information from you to make sure we put the best tools and strategies in place.

Important steps in our collaborative process

Determine your budget for employee benefits/how much you would like to contribute.  Weighing all factors, including balancing your desired benefits budget with the knowledge that employee satisfaction factors HEAVILY into your bottom line.

For more information visit our Benefits of Happy Employees page.

    • Medical/Dental/Vision
    • Paid time off (vacation, sick, holidays)
    • Retirement savings options 401(k), 401(b)
    • Flexible or Health savings accounts
    • Life & Disability Insurance
    • Work/life balance perks (flex hours, remote work, professional development, clubs/activities, food/beverage, gifts)

(Keep in mind that certain benefits are required by law, such as Unemployment, Workers’ Compensation, COBRA, Short-term disability, Leaves of absence, Disability and Social Security).

Everything from bonuses and commissions to profit sharing, tuition reimbursement, childcare, commuter benefits, technology benefits, even gym and club memberships.

After creating your budget and deciding which benefits to include in your package, it is time to finalize your plan before rolling it out to employees.

Considering external resources that can help you manage critical aspects of benefits like HR, administration, compliance, and employee communications. Part of Arrow’s service to you is assisting with benefits management and providing you with access to partners who specialize in these arenas. 

You will not have to go this alone.  Arrow is by your side during enrollment and follow up to ensure your employees fully understand/can access their benefits and know where to go to get any questions answered.