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Why Choose Arrow?

Arrow believes that the right broker for you is the one who will work within your budget to deliver what you really want and need, and one who understands the challenges you face navigating a benefits landscape with ever-changing technology and increasingly complex regulations.  We love working with all our clients.  Whether you’re a group of 2 or 300, have dedicated HR or manage everything yourself, we deliver benefits that let your employees know you have their best interests in mind, and help you and your employees manage and make the most of those benefits every step of the way.

A few things we want you to know:

Arrow understands your need for attractive benefits; we also respect your budget. Using our expert product knowledge and a strategic approach, we'll maximize your desired budget to design plans that meet the specific needs of your group. Not all brokers can or will do this.

Our strategy means no uncomfortable trade-offs. You and your employees won't have to settle for "affordable" plans that mean sacrifices in coverage or "reassuring" higher-premium plans that can feel like money wasted on features that aren't used. Arrow's design expertise allows us to provide you with the best of both worlds. We'll deliver affordable, attractive benefits that meet your group's everyday needs, mitigate out-of-pocket expenses, lower overall risk exposure and provide the peace of mind many think can only be achieved with very expensive plans.

With Arrow you'll have options. We'll propose multiple plans - all targeted to meet your goals - and show you detailed plan breakdowns for comparison so you can make an informed decision. We'll also explain exactly how each plan's features work at the time of service, which can have a big impact on how your employees feel about their benefits.