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The Benefits of Happy Employees

The Benefits of Happy Employees


Benefits designed to make your employees happy. Benefits that are affordable and meet their everyday needs while simultaneously looking out for their long-term best interests. Benefits that provide tangible value for their dollar and make them feel valued by you.

The benefits of having happier employees. An improved bottom line through increased productivity, boosted morale and a reduction in the hassles and expenses associated with turnover. Plus, it’s knowing you’re looking out for the people you care about.

We can probably guess what you’re thinking, “sounds great, but I still have a budget to meet!” We recognize that controlling costs all the way around is important to you. For many employers it can feel like a dilemma. Sacrificing on the coverage you offer just to stay within budget can end up costing you BIG down the line with less satisfied employees. But spending more that you’re comfortable with on expensive plans that look good on paper is still a gamble because “more expensive” doesn’t mean a plan meets your group’s needs or is the best use of anyone’s benefit dollars. We don’t want you or your employees settling for plans that feel lacking in coverage and we don’t want anyone wasting money on benefits they don’t use. With Arrow you don’t have to make these kinds of trade-offs.

We’ll maximize your existing budget to deliver plans that create happier employees AND an improved bottom line.

The Arrow Strategy

How do we do this for our clients? It’s in the plan design and that relies on our highly consultative approach and thorough needs analysis. We start by getting some very basic information about your organization and learning what’s truly important to your group. Next, using your budget along with our expert product knowledge, design savvy and keen understanding of how insurance features work together, we begin strategizing to build affordable plans that not only meet your employees’ everyday needs but also mitigate their out-of-pocket costs and overall risk exposure. Is your broker doing this for you? It’s our standard for all our clients. We apply this same diligence and integrity when it comes to service, from enrollment and administration to compliance and any advocacy issues that may arise. We’ll make sure your group is successfully able to understand, access, manage and make the most of their benefits.